Last year I reviewed Théotime Langlois de Swarte’s duo recording with the venerable William Christie, with whom he also performs in Les Arts Florissants. This release feels a little less personal than that superb disc, which paired the music of Jean-Marie Leclair and the lesser-known Jean-Baptiste Senaillé. Here, Langlois de Swarte plays various concerti from Leclair, Locatelli, and, sigh, Vivaldi. No slight against Vivaldi, but as a bold statement of intent for a violinist on a disc of concerti, it’s perhaps not the most original name to come across.

Théotime Langlois de Swarte

That being said, despite any reservations on the programming front, these are excellent performances. Les Ombres, directed alternately by Sylvain Sartre and by Margaux Blanchard from the bass viol, perform with aplomb. Tutti passages are intensely driven, and there’s some nicely judged ritenuti before thematic returns. Langlois de Swarte impresses as the soloist, too – his sound is bright, with a great sense of direction to all of the fiendish fiddling.

Before two of the pieces there are short improvised-ish preludes based...